Houston storm aftermath: Worker sues companies over deadly crane incident

In the wake of a deadly crane collapse at Sesco Cement's plant in Houston during a severe storm on last Thursday a personal injury law firm has initiated legal action against Sesco Cement, ASI Industrial, Lampson International, and McRay Crane & Rigging. 

The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Crosby Ware, a cement worker from Houston who sustained severe injuries in the incident which claimed the life of one of his colleagues and left him with catastrophic injuries.

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The lawsuit alleges that despite ample warnings from the National Weather Service regarding the severity of the impending storm, the defendants knowingly continued operations at the plant, including crane activities, without taking appropriate precautions. Despite being equipped with wind meters to monitor wind conditions and ensure safe operation, the defendants allegedly failed to halt operations in the face of dangerously high winds.

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Kevin Haynes, a partner at Kherkher Garcia, LLP, condemned the defendants' actions, stating that they displayed a blatant disregard for human life by prioritizing profit over safety. 


"It is beyond despicable that the defendants took no actions to provide a safe work environment with catastrophic results for Mr. Ware and his family, whose lives have been altered forever due to the gross negligence of these parties," Haynes said. "The reckless and careless actions of these companies took place in weather conditions that required an immediate halt to crane operations, but these companies decided the storm wasn’t dangerous enough to temporarily pause their pursuit of profits.  Mr. Ware will require extensive recovery and medical treatment thanks to the preventable actions and inactions of these companies. We are determined to aggressively fight for our client and ensure that all wrongdoers are held accountable and recover maximum damages."

The lawsuit seeks to hold the defendants accountable for their alleged negligence and recover maximum damages for Mr. Ware's extensive medical treatment and long-term recovery.