5-year-old shot in north Houston while at Shady Lane Park with family

Houston police say a five-year-old boy was shot while walking in the park with his family Monday evening.

Details are limited at this time, but police say a family was at Shady Lane Park in the 10220 block of Shady Lane when they heard gunfire in the distance. They soon realized their 5-year-old was struck in the leg.

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"At this point, we don't know where the gunshot came from," said HPD Lt. Larry Crowson.

In an update on Tuesday morning, police said the boy's injury was likely caused by a pellet gun.

The family was driving to the hospital when they saw an HPD unit and notified officers of what had happened.

According to police, an officer applied a tourniquet to the young boy, and he was taken to the hospital by Houston Fire Department. The boy was alert and talking when taken to the hospital, officials report.

"He is conscious and breathing," said Crowson.  "[He's] talking to medical personnel, so we suspect he's going to be alright."

HPD says they have responded to "hundreds of calls for discharging firearms in the city" this holiday weekend. So far, seven people have been arrested for recklessly shooting.


"Standing here right now, I hear a lot of pops in the area," said Crowson. "Generally, they sound like fireworks, but sometimes it's hard to tell."

At least three people have been injured this weekend as a result of stray bullets, but all are expected to survive. Anyone who witnesses suspected celebratory gunfire is urged to call police.

"It's just very dangerous," said Crowson. "We ask people not to do it. If you see somebody doing it, call 911 and report it."