Houston senior living facility gets power restored after four days

There’s finally some relief for a senior living center in Houston. Residents at the Houston Heights Tower were without power for nearly four days after last week’s storms. Now, the community is rallying to provide much-needed resources for the vulnerable residents. 

"It’s been a sweaty hot mess," said Brian Cotton, the president of the resident council. 

Over 200 senior living residents were faced with a difficult situation after storms knocked out their power. 

"We lights off for four days, no water, no heat, in bad shape," said Donna Silo, a resident at the Houston Heights Tower.

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"We all lost, everybody lost their food, and it’s hard for a low-income building to replace all that," said Cotton.

He says about 30 people were in need of oxygen tanks and CPAP machines. 

"And then we had about eight people yesterday go to the hospital for heat exhaustion," said Cotton.

The residents had to reach out to their local council members for help. 

"Property management needs to be responsible for those that are in their care," said Abbie Kamin, a city council member for District C in Houston. 

Some local heroes stepped up to help by delivering portable air conditioners, food, and essential resources to vulnerable residents.


"This morning, Convoy of Hope brought a truck that had water, non-perishable food items, as well as like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products," said Hannah White, a pastor at Village Heights Church. 

As FOX 26 Houston spoke to senior living residents, a CenterPoint Energy truck pulled up bringing the promise of restored power.  

"Thank god we did get our lights back because I don’t know if I could have made it again," said Silo. 

CenterPoint Energy said they hope to have all of the power restored by Wednesday.