Houston ranked 4th most sinful city, according to study

Surprising news out of a recent study showed Houston to be one of the most sinful cities in the U.S. 

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And while it's certainly not our place to judge, but rather, to inform, the study from WalletHub looked at several factors of 'sinful behaviors,' including anger and hatred, jealousy, vices, greed, and lust. 

Their findings led researchers to determine Houston to be ranked the 4th Most Sinful City. 

A closer look showed Houston ranked 3rd most lustful, and 6th most jealous and vain. The city was the second in Texas listed in the survey, but the highest ranked compared to Dallas, which was 17th most sinful. 

Las Vegas, no surprise, was ranked number one, considering its reputation as "Sin City." Meanwhile, Port St. Lucie, Florida was ranked the least sinful city. 

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This is not the first time Houston ranked so high. In fact, the city was ranked 4th most sinful in 2018.

For a complete look at WalletHub's survey and how other cities ranked in comparison, click here.