Houston police officer walks for the first time since being shot multiple times

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo recalls the frightening, chaotic Thursday night, when a 29-year-old officer was shot multiple times by a carjacking suspect.

However, he says, everything fell perfectly into place to make sure the officer survived.

“Had we not had the kits that we carry with us now and his partner being a former army medic, we might be talking about a funeral,” Acevedo told FOX 26 outside of Memorial Hermann Hospital where the officer is being treated.

Within just two days after being shot three times, the officer is celebrating a milestone in his recovery.

“Today he did some walking,” Acevedo said smiling. “When you put it all together, it was meant for him to survive and everything was in place.”

Joe Gamaldi, the President of the Houston Police Officer Union also tweeting about the moment:

“Our [officer’s] resilience/strength is absolutely incredible. After being shot multiple times, going through a 5hr surgery less than 48 hrs ago, he’s already up and walking. He is a testament to the strength of our officers and our City. As his father put it, he is a Walking Miracle.”

Acevedo says the outpouring of support is helping uplift the officer.

“He can feel all the good thoughts and the prayers coming from the community from his coworkers and families,” Acevedo added.

The police officer is expected to be released from the hospital in 4-5 days.

Meanwhile, the search continues for the 4th suspect in Thursday night’s crime spree when two people were carjacked and a priest assaulted in Southeast Houston.

“There’s a lot of video footage from businesses and everything else that we’re looking at and we’re confident that somebody knows something, somebody will come forward,” Acevedo stated.

Two other suspects are in custody. The one who shot the officer was killed. Police have not released their names.

Anyone with information on the suspect at-large should contact Crime Stoppers of Houston.