Houston police officer resigns, charged with indecency with a child, indecent exposure

A Houston Police Department officer has resigned after being charged with indecency with a child and two counts of indecent exposure, according to officials. 

25-year-old William McCoy, who had been with the North Belt Patrol Division since March 2021, resigned on Thursday afternoon after being relieved of duty on Monday. 

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According to court documents, the incidents took place in public areas in Humble. One incident took place in a Hobby Lobby Parking lot and the other in not too far away from the first incident. 

In the first incident, a victim reported to police they saw a man, believed to be McCoy, get out of a white Honda Civic that was parked nearby. He approached the victim's driver side door, exposed his groin, and performed a sexual act on himself. 

According to court records, the victim later honked her horn in an attempt to get help from others nearby and shrugged his shoulders as a gesture as if to say ‘What?’ then walked towards his vehicle and pushed a shopping cart of his way in the process. A gun was also spotted by the victim as he was walking away. Officials said surveillance video confirmed what the victim reported. 

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Then the following day, according to court records, a victim reported that she was standing near her open passenger side door letting her dog use the restroom when a white or silver Honda passenger car approach. That's when she heard a male voice inside the vehicle asking if she was having car trouble. 

Officials said she walked to the vehicle on the passenger side and lowered herself to eye level with the man, believed to be McCoy, through his open window to respond. In doing so, the victim saw McCoy with his pants down with his private parts in plain view. The victim also said she saw a young child, estimated to be 18-months-old in a forward-facing car seat in the backseat of McCoy's vehicle. The victim added that McCoy was performing a sexual act on himself while inside the vehicle for several seconds before driving off at a high rate of speed. 

The victim was able to get a full license plate of the vehicle and included that in the report to authorities. 

Further investigation revealed the vehicle belonged to McCoy, who later admitted during an interview that he was involved in both incidents. During the second incident, he said the child in the backseat was his own son. 

When asked why McCoy committed the acts, he committed the acts in hopes, "the complainant's would be ‘happy with what they see’ and say ‘It’s nice,' and that he could use this at home later for his gratification."

McCoy walked out of jail on Thursday night after posting a $5,200 bond to find the media waiting. He answered no questions. Also, for several minutes, McCoy could be seen standing next ot a light pole and whistled.