Houston Humane Society desperately needs food donations

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It’s been an unusually busy summer for the Houston Humane Society.

“Instead of getting just one dog or one cat being dropped off, we’re getting entire litters,” said spokesperson Monica Schmidt.

And the Humane Society never turns any animal away.

“We are an open admissions shelter,” Schmidt said. “We’ll take it no matter what shape that animal is in no matter how many other animals are waiting.”

And the Humane Society never euthanizes any animal just to make space for other homeless dogs or cats.

“During certain times this summer, we’ve had kennels  that have had four, five, maybe even six animals especially on the kitten and cat side all having to share a space because we’ve been so crowded,” said Schmidt.

Unfortunately, there’s plenty of empty space where the dog and cat food is stored.

“Pretty much bare bones around here,” Schmidt said. “We’ve emptied out our last bags into the containers for tomorrow’s use.”

With some 300 hungry mouths to feed, the Humane Society says it can find itself in dire straits in just a day or two.

“Right now we’re going through about 300 pounds of dog and cat food every single day,” Schmidt said.

Some dogs are brought in emaciated and are fed two to three times a day

The Humane Society gets no funding from any other source but donations.

“We’re all in this together so every little bit goes a long way to make sure every single one of these animals gets fed every day,” said Schmidt.

You can drop off dog or cat food 7 days a week at the Humane Society, 14700 Almeda Rd., Houston, TX 77053, and possibly find a new best friend.

“There’s nothing that beats knowing that you saved an animals’ life,” Schmidt said.