Houston Heat Advisory Wednesday as Beryl power outages continue

A heat advisory is in effect for the entire Houston area on Wednesday as more than a million people remain without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl.

The advisory remains in effect until 8 p.m. Feels-like temperatures could reach up to 105 degrees.

A heat advisory is in effect on Wednesday.

People should be cautious as hot temperatures and high humidity can lead to heat-related illnesses like heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Heat exhaustion vs heat stroke: Know the signs & when to get medical help immediately

Drink plenty of water and find A/C if you can. Cooling centers and shelters have been set up in several cities to give relief to those without power. Click here to see the list.

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If you must go outside during the heat advisory, you're advised to drink plenty of fluids and try to stay out of the sun. Wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing. Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends scheduling frequent rest breaks in shaded or air-conditioned environments.

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Meanwhile, power restoration efforts continue. CenterPoint has released a restoration map to show the progress made.