Houston Freeze 2022: More than 1,500 bats rehabilitated after going into hypothermic shock

As temperatures begin to warm up in and around the Houston-area, so does rehabilitation for bats that were stricken by the freezing weather this past weekend. 

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According to a press release by the Houston Humane Society, more than 1,500 bats were rescued from bridges at Waugh, Pearland as well as the Greater Houston area on Friday.

This after the freezing temperatures caused the bats to go into hypothermic shock and lose their grip before falling to the ground.

After getting stricken with hypothermia, the bats lost their grip and fell to the ground at Waugh Bridge in Pearland, Texas (Photo courtesy of Cherri Carbonara) 

A rescue effort, led by Wildlife Director Mary Warwick, will personally be working with about 80 rescued Mexican free-tailed bats and begin rehabilitation. 

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More than 600 of the bats belong to a colony at Waugh Bridge, where their nightly flight is a popular site for the community. 

Frozen bats at Waugh Bridge in Pearland, Texas (Photo courtesy of Cherri Carbonara) 

Many of these bats affected by the freeze, the press release explained, have since been placed in "warming boxes and incubators." From then, they are "administered IV fluids and, later food, to add to their recovery." 


As of 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, the bats were released back into the wild. 

To learn more and how you can donate to help rehabilitate the bats, click here.