Houston Freeze cause more than 100 bats to freeze, fall onto Waugh Bridge

The Houston Freeze is causing bats to freeze and fall from the Waugh Bridge Colony.

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The Houston Humane Society has launched a frozen bat rescue in an attempt to save more than 100 bats that have fallen. 

Humane Society bat expert, Mary Warwick, is looking to make the bridge area "bat-proof" with rubber padding for bats falling and warming bins to try and save them.

People frequent the popular Waugh Street Bridge to watch the bats take flight at dusk.


In addition, Warwick said she was bringing bats back with her to rehabilitate any that are still clinging to life. She later said she realized 99 percent of the bats were moving around and seemed to be alive.

There is currently no signage about what to do if you find stunned, frozen, or fallen bats, so experts will be at the scene to provide information.

As we know, bats are good for our ecosystem.