'They’ve just knocked out all the fight in me:' Houston family without A/C for over a month

A family living in East Houston says they are dealing with inhumane treatment at their apartment complex.

They’ve been living without air conditioning for well over a month as Houston experiences a historic heatwave. 

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"I'm infuriated. I feel like it should be against the law for people to be living in this apartment or renting this apartment out," Becky Brass, a resident of The Selena Apartments, formerly known as The Graham Apartments. 

Brass reached out to the media saying she’s exhausted all options. Brass says she notified property management on May 31 that her air conditioning unit was out. She says maintenance installed a new central air and heating unit outside in June, but to no avail.


"It’s inhumane, we’re in triple digits, it's just inhumane, and I don’t know how we can be treated like that," says Brass. "They just don’t care, they don’t care, they get to go home at the end of the day and have cool air with their families, and that infuriates me."

Brass lives at the apartment complex with her autistic son.

"I have a special needs son, and I have my son in here most of the time. It’s just too hot in this apartment for anybody," said Brass. "He tells me everyday he hates this place."

She says the office supplied them with a window unit that is only cooling one room. And says the problem is compounded, pointing out black mold through the apartment. A health concern FOX 26 documented last year with another resident. 

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"It angers me. If you all were out here last year, and you all are back out here this year, I have no hope," said Brass. "They’ve just knocked out all the fight in me."

FOX 26 did reach out to apartment management who said they would contact us. However, as of this writing, we have not received a phone call back.