Houston family to start the new year in a new car thanks to a donation

One Houston family is going into the new year with a new car. They won the car in a contest. How's that for a happy new year? 

Anesia Gordon, who didn't have a vehicle, just received the surprise of her life. She has one now.

With the shake of a jar and the selection of her name. "Anesia Gordon," DJ Mr. Rogers called out. 


Just like that, Houston wife and mother of two, Anesia Gordon, won a car and she became pretty emotional when Houston's own Trae Tha Truth and DJ Mr. Rogers gave her the news.

"I was just really overwhelmed with gratefulness." 

The Gordon family doesn't have a car. So winning this contest will be life-changing. 

"It's going to help us tremendously. It's going to take a big burden off of ugs," says Mrs. Gordon.

"After talking to her, I think everybody agreed that was the perfect person to win that car," says Trae Tha Truth.

"My 15-year-old, he's special needs. He's been having a really tough time. This year has been really hard. My son almost lost his life. We lost a lot in 2020," Mrs. Gordon adds. 

Now the family is saying sayonara to 2020 and to having to take the bus to take her son to his many hospital visits. It's all thanks to a donation Mrs. Gordon gave, buying a $10 mask to be entered into the drawing for the 2017 Mazda. 

"I didn't have it to give but I wanted to help. I remember times when I've had to stand in line for Thanksgiving meals. I've had to stand in line for toys. I know how it feels. So I wanted to give," says Gordon.


Trae Tha Truth and DJ Mr. Rogers created the contest to encourage people to stay safe in the pandemic by wearing and mask and to raise money for charity. 

"I'm glad me and Rogers and our team were able to become a blessing for them."

"Thank you Trae Tha Truth and DJ Mr. Rogers for being God's servants. Thank you for giving hope to people who may be feeling hopeless because I was one and this came at the right time and I thank you," says Mrs. Gordon.