Houston doctor develops plan to slow vision loss

Douglas has joined the program Dr. Arroyo developed called M-SHARP, which stands for Microcurrent Stimulation Holistic Alternative Retina Program.  He explains that the macula is in the retina and controls 90% of what we see. "The macula gets sick, and it gets sick because it can no longer make new cells because of chronic inflammation and a lack of circulation. Many of these people have poor absorption. 

Most people who have mac degeneration, may also have trouble with their gut, so they're taking heartburn medications, they digest very poorly.  They have a lack of L-Glutamine, there are a bunch of nutrients we need to absorb nutrients, if we don't have them, the nutrients aren't getting to the right place, but we're putting all of those nutrients back into the right place," explains Dr. Arroyo.  His patients are given supplements to rejuvenate those nutrients. 

He also offers light and pulse electro-magnetic therapy.  "We're infusing that into the eyes.  We know that enhances the ability to improve blood flow.  It helps the cells to detoxify themselves, so that is very important in this process," Dr. Arroyo explains.

At 91 years of age, Douglas believes the treatment has stopped his progression of disease, plus he can slightly see better, after one month of treatments.

"Probably won't be able to restore it to the original but at least, it will restore some and that's a blessing.  Believe me, it's not fun to be blind," states Douglas.

Dr. Arroyo tracks the progression of his eyesight using state-of-the-art equipment.  Sensors around his eyes pick up electric signals from his retina.  "So what that machine does is take and translate the electrical signals and tell us how well they're functioning .  We want to know their progress!  If I tell a colleague they're improving, they could say, that's just a placebo - that could just be today, but having this subjective info could help us have a better assessment," smiles Dr. Arroyo. 

Douglas and his wife are happy to see a difference and hope for even more progress.  "If he can do some stuff he wants to do, I'd be thrilled to death," says Jeanette.

For more information about M-SHARP, log onto:  http://eyehealthconsultants.com/how-we-help-you/13-our-services/174-m-sharp-macular-degeneration.html