Houston crime: Man arrested for impersonating police officer at Houston racing event

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is seeking additional victims after a man was arrested for posing as a police officer during a racing event in the Memorial Area of Houston.

Authorities say a white Hyundai Santa Fe with flashing red and blue lights and sirens attempted to pull over undercover deputies at the event. Sensing something was amiss, the deputies alerted marked HCSO units, leading to a pursuit of the suspicious vehicle until it was safely stopped.

(Photo: Harris County Sheriff's Office)

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Deputy Olivarez was successful in halting the vehicle and, upon investigation, identified the driver as Shaun Arnold. Arnold was found dressed in a uniform shirt, sporting a bulletproof vest, a body-worn camera, and a security badge, all seemingly intended to deceive. Furthermore, he had radios and other equipment typically associated with law enforcement.

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A deeper look into Arnold's background uncovered a prior arrest for impersonating a police officer in Jefferson County and revealed that he was a convicted felon. Consequently, Arnold now faces charges for impersonating a police officer and having body armor as a felon.


The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is concerned that additional victims may be linked to Arnold's actions and is urging anyone with pertinent information to come forward. Individuals can contact authorities by calling 713-274-7433 or emailing trafficcrimestips@sheriff.hctx.net.

This incident serves as a reminder to remain vigilant and cautious, especially when individuals may abuse positions of authority for personal gain.