Houston crime: 15-year-old Madison High student injured in shooting outside Star Mart Food Store

A teen and two adults have been arrested in connection to the shooting of a 15-year-old Madison High School student outside of a Houston store on Wednesday afternoon, police say.

According to HPD, the alleged 16-year-old shooter is in custody of juvenile authorities on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police say a 20-year-old woman and a 34-year-old man face charges of tampering with evidence.

The shooting was reported outside Star Mart Food Store, located at the 4000 block of West Orem Drive. 

HPD says there were two males who were seen leaving the area of Madison High School. Then, both males walked over to the Star Mart, where words were exchanged between the two.


"There was a brief encounter that led to words being exchanged between the two," said Assistant Police chief Kevin Deese w/ HPD. 

Police say the argument moved to the side of the store, and within seconds the suspect shot the 15-year-old student one time in the abdomen, and then fled the scene.

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Shooting scene of West Orem Drive

"Since it was dismissal time there was a group of kids leaving school and heading toward the store, so there was a dismissal occurring," HISD Police Chief Shamara Garner explained. 

Madison High School sent the following alert to parents: 

"This is an important message for Madison High School parents. A Madison HS student was shot in an incident off-campus after school was dismissed today. The student was injured and transported to a local hospital. The Houston ISD Police Department responded and immediately secured the area including the campus. Staff and students on the Madison HS campus for after-school activities are inside the school building and safe and their activities are continuing inside as planned.  The Houston ISD Police Department will continue to safeguard the campus through the evening. "

The injured student was taken to Memorial Hospital where he had to go into surgery, at last check he was expected to survive.