Houston city council member aims to hold judges granting felony bonds accountable

Our ongoing series Breaking Bond has one Houston city council member taking unprecedented steps to stop Criminal District Judges from releasing violent offenders 

"The public is not going to stand for this anymore, and they're going to have to answer for what they've done when there's 156 people murdered on their watch," said Michael Kubosh Houston City Councilmember At-Large Position 3.

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Kubosh might not be able to stop Criminal District Court Judges from releasing violent offenders back out onto the streets, but he is going to make them nervous.

"We have to give them a strong message they can't do this anymore without the public getting involved," he said. "Filing a Judicial Bar grievance will get their attention trust me."

Most elected officials in Harris County won't even acknowledge what we've been keeping track of for more than a year.

At least 156 Harris County residents have been killed allegedly at the hands of repeat violent offenders free from jail on multiple felony or personal recognizance bonds.

In addition to reading the names of the 156 killed some 4th Ward pastors prayed for them and their families on Friday, Kubosh is making an unprecedented move. 

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He's filing Judicial Bar Grievances against all Criminal District Court Judges accusing them of not considering public safety when setting bonds or granting multiple bonds to defendants who rack up even more criminal charges.

"I think their peers will say the same thing I'm saying," Kubosh said. "We need to sanction these judges and teach them a lesson not to ever do this again."