Houston company partners with Mexican media network to share Texas news

Houston is celebrated for its diversity, and it's not hard to find goods and services that appeal to a wide variety of communities. That's especially true for Spanish-speaking households.

Even before the latest census is tabulated, nearly 45% of Houston households include Spanish-speakers. Some have lived here for generations, while others have just arrived. Many, though, want an opportunity to know what going on in the world around them and a new partnership is designed to help do that.

On a recent morning, noted Mexican journalists Sergio Sarmiento and Lupita Juarez broadcast their national radio show, from Houston. They were in town to help christen a new partnership between their network, the Heraldo Media Group, and Houston's NowMediaTV, which produces Spanish and English-speaking business news.

"We believe this content will enhance the business owner in Houston," says NowMediaTV owner Juan Guevara Torres, which will provide stories and reports for Heraldo's radio, TV and digital properties.

Guevara Torres says Houston's size and diversity includes an audience hungry for news that extends south of the border.

"There's some news that's very important for business owners that are opening companies, in the United States, that are coming from Mexico," says Guevara Torres, "That type of outlet requires this type of partnership."

Among Heraldo Media's various platforms, the company boasts a daily reach of 50 million customers. Extending into the United States and Houston, in particular, is an obvious move to serve an audience that is increasingly calling the U.S. 'home'.

The benefit for Houston is that some of that news will include a Texas twist.

"They want to be informed," insists Heraldo Media's Adrian Laris. "If we can provide all that exclusive content in the U.S., for all these people trying to get our news, I think that's a benefit for our audience."

This is a first step in what could be an aggressive effort to share news in, and about, the United States.

Heraldo Media says its competitors aren't doing this, and its business people think there's money to be made. If it works, it also improves understanding for consumers on a wide range of topics.