Astros fans hopeful as the American League Division Series nears

It's the best time of year for Houston Astros fans, as postseason baseball is upon us.

"Bring it on! Astros are ready to go all the way this year," said Astros fan Lu Mount.

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Come Tuesday, the Seattle Mariners will be in Houston for game one of the American League Division Series. It’s the first time in 21 years the Mariners have clinched a spot in the postseason, and the Astros are a familiar face as both play in the AL-West.

Fans have mixed reactions to the matchup. 

"It’s always tough to play within the division, so you’re bringing a team in that both teams know a lot about each other, so it’s going to be tough," said Bobby Doe. "I was hoping not to have the Mariners, but looks like that’s who we got."

Some fans, like Paul Esparza think it's an advantage. 

"They know our pitching. We know their pitching and everything because they played against us, so it’s a dual system right there," he said.

The teams played 19 times this season with the Astros winning 12, and their record against the Mariners after the all-star break is 6-1. So the hope is still alive as long as the Astros continue to do what they’ve done all season.

"For the Astros to pitch well and to play good defense," Doe added. "That’s going to be it because it’s going to be low-scoring, I believe." 


The first two games will be held at Minute Maid Park Tuesday and Thursday, then the Astros will head to Seattle for game three on Saturday.