Houston area drivers see flooded roads

As the rain picked up Sunday night more and more drivers saw roads flooded. The area at South Richey and Highway 3 was so deep a couple got their car stuck, and the Houston Fire Department had to come out to help them.

"Like there was no way of turning back so we just had to go through it", says Zunny Garzia. Garzia and her boyfriend drove through it but ended up having car problems.

"I guess the water was really high and just locked up the wheel," says Garzia.

Out at Monroe and 45, it was a similar view. High water and drivers risking it.

"Ya Telephone is pretty bad as well and all the way down Monroe it just gets deeper," says Damian Chapa who decided not to drive through it in his Jeep.

While some areas of town didn't get any rain, the south east section saw about 5 inches. "It's crazy, it's crazy how people still try to risk it, some of them get flooded, their cars are stranded and people still try to go around them," says Chapa.