Houston-area companies join forces for 'First Responder Fridays'

Calling all medical workers and first responders! Two companies from the Houston area have joined forces and would like to invite you to join them for what they're calling "First Responder Fridays".

"What we're doing for all of the police officers, EMT's, nurses, anyone on the front line - on Fridays, we're giving them a free meal. They just stop by and we take care of them," exclaims Todd Weaver, a co-owner of Woodson's Local Tap & Kitchen. 

They take care of them in more ways than one at two locations of Woodson's in Spring. The restaurant teamed-up with Boone's Restoration Technology. While the first responders pick-up their lunch outside, Boone's will professionally clean-out possible COVID-19 germs from their vehicles.

"What I'll do is sit in the vehicle, think of everywhere I may touch and put myself in their shoes and everywhere they touch, we clean and disinfect it and fog it with our disinfectant. It typically just takes 15 minutes, and then we'll let the vehicle air out," explains Nicholas Boone, owner of Boone's Restoration Technology, which they have developed into Boone's COVID-19 Response Team.

His company typically focuses on water, fire and mold remediation plus biohazard clean-up. His paid jobs to disinfect large-scale operations of COVID-19 and help businesses open back up are helping him afford offering this free service to those on the front line. He's hoping more companies will come forward and need their help. Until then, he and Todd are thrilled with the success of their give-back program.

"It's been great, this past Friday, we had seven fire trucks all lined up, officers all lined up, incredible response we're having. If you're a first responder in our area, please stop by on Fridays and let us take care of you!  It's the least we can do for you guys," invites Todd. 

The events take place on Fridays for the time being from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. or longer, if needed. It's curbside service for the food, as well.

Woodson Local Tap & Kitchen is located at 2330 FM Rd. 1488 in Spring and another location is 4127 Riley Fuzzel Road, off the Grand Parkway.

Their website is https://www.woodsonslocal.com/

Woodson's is also trying to help its staff and local restaurant workers. They're selling t-shirts and hats and 100% of the funds go to the staff, who haven't had much work the past month. You can find out more about that and learn more about the company that has been serving the Houston area for almost 30 years at: boonescrt.com

A big thank you to Reed Watson Photography for capturing all of the special moments of the event and sharing the video and photos with us.