Houston animal rescue battles broken A/C during heatwave, in urgent need of fosters

As this excessive heat warning barrels through the Houston area, one local animal shelter says they’re in urgent need of fosters after their main air conditioning unit failed.

Nearly a dozen fans have been running around the clock since Thursday at the Rescued Pets Movement in northwest Houston. "We noticed it that morning, and by about mid-afternoon, we had all the fans up and going which was great," said Megan Lee.

It’s costly for a shelter already spending so much to save these animals, but the Houston community stepped up in just two hours to totally cover the cost of both the fans and the A/C repair.

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"It was amazing. We did not expect it," said Lee. "We were blown away, and we are so, so very thankful for all of our donors."

Obviously, the fans are not an ideal solution while they wait for the unit to get fixed, so Lee is asking for any potential fosters to step up and provide a cool house for around 25 dogs and 30 cats. "Now, it’s even more important to get these guys out and keep them cool," she said.

This just drives the point home of the dangers this heat poses to our beloved animals and what you need to look out for.

Lee explained, "We are always watching for heat stroke, so excessive panting excessive drooling, them not wanting to get up at all."


You also need to keep in mind the scorching concrete.

"You can do your palm rule," she suggested. "So you take the back of your hand, and you want to stick it down on the pavement. If it is hot on your hand, it is hot on their paws. Keep them off the pavement. Keep them inside. Keep them cool."

If you’re wanting to help foster any of their precious animals, you can find the necessary information here.