House Bill 62 focuses on handheld phone usage

Driving through Deer Park you may not notice a lot of people talking on their phones while driving.

"We have an ordinance that restricts anytime of wireless communication device that you use with your hand", says Lt. Frank Hart with the Deer Park Police Department.

In city limits it is illegal to talk on any hand held phone while behind the wheel.

"Checking my emails, I could be texting, any of that would be against the ordinance", says Lt. Hart.

Some drivers have even got into the habit of pulling over and parking.

"I received a text and I was in the middle lane and I said I better pull over before I answer them back and it's business, even if it's money, business, personal or whatever, I went ahead and parked", says Leonardo Guerrero.

"The next thing you know is you get break checked and you run into somebody", says Craig Saucier.

This is something state representative Tom Crassock is trying to pass state wide with House Bill 62. This would ban the use of a hand held phone while driving and you could potentially get a $200 fine if caught.

"I think the number of deaths and the number of damage to property that's been happening the number of states that are saying we are seeing a reduction after passing the law it all helps put us in the forefront", says representative Craddick.

The City of Deer Park issues about 137 tickets a month, which Lt. Hart says is a good thing considering what could happen if those who did get a ticket, got into an accident.

"I think it will stop accidents, I think it will make people more aware on the road, they are not texting or playing games, anything else on their phone, reading emails, it's just better to pull over", says Lt. Hart.