Horrendous case of animal abuse: Dog missing front paws

Her name is Liberty.

She was picked up by Montgomery County Animal control on Wednesday in the 19 hundred block of Larry Wayne street in Porter.

Her front paws are gone and a vet says it's not by accident.

"These animals have lives and feelings just like we do," said Minda Harris with Texas Animal Society.

What this little Pitt has endured in her short life is unimaginable.

"You think you have seen the worst no sure enough tomorrow morning worse will pop up," Harris said.

After Liberty was taken to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter the rescue group Texas Animal Society took custody of her due to all the medical attention she will require.

Harris says the vet that saw Liberty can't say how she ended up losing her front paws but is one hundred percent certain it was due to an intentional act.

"I got you mamas got you," said Liberty's foster who asked not to be identified "She needed somebody and I felt like God put her in my life for a reason," the foster said.

It's not known if Liberty will be able to walk.

She might need at least one prosthetic leg.

A vet believes Liberty lost her front paws three to four weeks ago and she's about a year old.

The shelter and rescue group have contacted the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department in hopes of getting justice for Liberty.

"Why would you do something so horrific to such a beautiful creature," said Liberty's foster.