HISD 6th Grader Allegedly Gang Raped by High School Boys, HPD Investigating

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A sixth grade HISD student says she was gang raped by high school boys.  The little girls's mom feels nothing is being done about it.  "She says they held her down," explains the girls mom.  We are not revealing the mom's identity in an effort to keep from identifying her 12 year old daughter who says was sexually assaulted by two 15 year old boys and a 17 year old.

It was inside a vacant house near Cullen Middle School where the sixth grade Cullen Middle student says she was gang raped by high school boys.  "It's hard for her to talk about it and speak about it when the boys are walking free".  

The 12-year old says the boys' bus stop from Yates High School is at her school Cullen Middle so she thought it would be safe to walk home with them.  She says they even carried her backpack but when they arrived at the vacant house the sixth grader says the boys forced her inside where she says she was raped by all three of them.  

"I feel hopeless at this point," says the girl's mom.

The alleged sexual assault occurred last week Monday after school, off campus.  The 12 year old was taken to Texas Children's Hospital for an examination.  A police report was filed but the girl's mom feels nothing else is being done because the boys are still in school.

"My daughter was like mom it's taking so long and I have to see these boys every day".

The Houston Police Department says the investigation is, very much, on-going and detectives are awaiting the rape kit results.  HISD released this statement "HISD was made aware of an incident in which a student told police she was sexually assaulted. The incident happened after school and off campus. The Houston Police Department is investigating. As always, the safety and well-being of our students is the district’s top priority".

Meantime this mom says her daughter is now in counseling.  "She is not sleeping, at all, at night".