La Porte High School staff member seen yelling at student

Shocking cellphone video shows a staff member at La Porte High School face to face with a student yelling obscenities.

The video was taken by a student at La Porte and shared with FOX 26. The student and their parents want to remain anonymous. However, the video has been shared on social media and is upsetting some parents.

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"That almost sounds like verbal assault," said Chris Wooddell, a parent. "In the video, it almost looks like it gets physical. Something more than his job needs to be done."

We decided to blur the staff member’s face while an investigation takes place.

"I was in the military, and my RDC didn’t talk to me like that," said Angela Mayton, a parent. "That was a lot."

Mayton’s son, Garrett Sewell, is a freshman at La Porte High School. According to Sewell, there was some sort of altercation between the student and teacher before the video.

"I heard that teacher was really cool," said Sewell. "He’s never done that ever before.  Something had to of happened."

Some parents believe the school district needs to take action.

"I understand the frustration of kids talking back to adults, but the way he talked to the child is totally unacceptable," said Mayton. "It defiantly doesn’t need to be swept under the rug."

"I have a son who’s autistic, he’s in the special needs program here at the junior high," said Wooddell. "That kind of stuff is unacceptable."

FOX 26 reached out to a spokesperson from La Porte Independent School District late Wednesday evening, but hadn’t heard back prior to the newscast.