Galveston safety: Heat, water safety tips after 38-year-old dad drowns

Plenty of people are enjoying the beach despite Galveston being under a heat advisory.

The heat wave is warming Galveston, but the island has a major advantage, a coastal breeze that feels almost as good as AC. 

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"Well it doesn’t feel like it, but we’re in a heat advisory here. It’s going to continue throughout the weekend," explains Galveston Beach Patrol Chief Peter Davis.   

So what’s making it feel less like what the thermometer is telling us?

"The water’s still relatively cool. It’s 81, 82 degree water right now. So the nice breeze coming off the water makes it like an air conditioner," Davis explains.   

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Still, beach goers who are dancing and doing everything under the sun, are trying to do it as safely in the heat as possible. 

"Walking without my shirt on.  It works great," smiles Jerry Tamburello who we caught dancing down the seawall.   

"It’s like warm but at the same time a cool breeze coming through. So it feels good out here. (Are you seeking shade from time to time?) That’s why I’ve got this hat on," says Billy Woodard and Asia Conroe.

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"We’re actually on our honeymoon. We’re just drinking plenty of water and taking some breaks in AC, cool temperatures, just taking a break every now and then, and wading in the water helps," adds Andrew and Kaitlyn Sexton.

Head of Galveston Beach Patrol Peter Davis says those are all good tips. "And you want to drink non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water".

The same air making the heat more bearable is also making the water more dangerous.

"It’s kicking up some really choppy surf, and it’s coming at an angle, so we’re getting some very strong rip currents," Davis explains. That likely contributed to Galveston’s fourth drowning of the season.


In January 2023, 49-year-old kayaker Barry Baham drowned. In March 2023, so did 13-year-old twins Jefferson and Josue Perez. Now, 38-year-old Twan Emory, whose two young sons were wearing life jackets pulled their father to shore, but it was too late. 

Beach patrol is urging you to swim near lifeguards and stay safe in the heat.

"If you start feeling light-headed or dizzy or weak that could be heat exhaustion setting in. You definitely don’t want it to progress to heat stroke," Davis explains, and he says stay away from piers, jetties and any structures in the water.

Davis also reminds us getting in the water at the ends of the island is prohibited. That includes in the ship channel and San Luis Pass due to dangerous currents.