Harvey victim gives his FEMA money to stranger also left homeless from storm

"I believe that God uses us all for something," said Shane Perry. And it was God's will Perry says that led him to form a non- profit called Rebuild South Texas.

"I was sort of called back by God to help the people that didn't have anywhere to live anymore," said Perry.

Perry's group of volunteers charges nothing to rebuild homes. But if those needing help have FEMA money they usually give it to Rebuild South Texas to pay for materials.

"Our house has been there since 1940 and it never flooded," said Keith Rusnak. But Harvey destroyed Rusnak's home. "Devastating," Rusnak said.  "I never expected anything like that or been through anything like that."

When Perry went to Patton Village City Hall to get permits to rebuild Rusnak's home he heard about an older man named Pedro.

"This guy named Pedro walks in to take a shower and the mayor says that's Pedro he lives in his car his house has been demolished and he's been denied by FEMA so he's got nothing," Perry said.

"I've never met Pedro," Rusnak said "I don't know Pedro."

 But that didn't stop Rusnak from giving Pedro his FEMA money.

"It wouldn't sit right with me knowing that he's living in a car and I have a brand new house to go home to every niht," Rusnak said.

Now Rebuild South Texas volunteers are building both Pedro and Rusnak new homes.

"There were no strings attached," Perry said.

"It's someone he's never met in fact Pedro doesn't even know we're doing this yet," Pedro is currently in Mexico. He's got quite the surprise waiting for him when he returns to Texas.