Harris County shooting: Elderly woman found dead in apartment, foul play suspected

An investigation is now underway after an elderly woman was found dead inside an apartment unit in Harris County on Thursday evening. 

Authorities said they were called out to an apartment unit at 5800 W. Mount Houston Road for a welfare check at the Palisades of Inwood Apartments. 

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Samaria Bellows celebrates her 81st birthday on December 24, 2023. (Photo provided by family)

When they arrived, authorities stated they spoke with a family member who came to the apartment because they were concerned about not being able to reach their 81-year-old mother. 

Deputies then entered the apartment and found the 81-year-old woman dead in the apartment.  Authorities said foul play is "definitely expected."

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The sheriff's office identified the woman as 81-year-old Samaria A. Bellows. 

"An 81-year-old woman, who by all accounts was loved by everyone. 110% innocent in every regard, was pretty savagely taken from us," said Deputy David Crain of the Harris County Sheriff's Office Homicide Division. 

Her grandson tells FOX 26, "She was definitely a great mother and great person all around. She actually raised me from birth and almost every other kid that lived in our neighborhood. She left behind 2 sisters and 2 daughters along with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She would feed anyone who walked through her doors and often cooked for her neighbors as well. Very well-spoken and just a sweet lady. She touched many hearts throughout her 81 years with us."

Officials said they are interviewing witnesses, canvassing for video, and getting as much information as they can from family members about her activities and when she was last known to be alive.

If anyone in the neighborhood has any surveillance video, authorities are asking you to come forward with any information you may have.