Harris County shelter pets have 'pool paw-ty' to fight Houston heat

Many dogs at the Harris County Pets shelter are enjoying a nice day off in the pool away from the hot Houston weather.

Harris County Pets hosts a "Pool Paw-ty" for their animals every Friday, hoping volunteers come and enjoy some quality puppy time.

"Our pets are in their kennels 24 hours a day," Director Corey Steele said, "The human interaction they get when our volunteers come and bring them out on dog walks, or the event today- just really betters the quality of life for our pets."

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Harris County Pets is one of the many shelters in the Houston area that is currently over capacity. They hope that events like ‘Pool Paw-ty’ can help get more of their animals adopted.

"It’s the exposure, it’s the quality of life," Steele said. "It’s getting the pets out of the kennels, getting them to exercise, getting them to interact with people and animals both. And what’s really nice about our shelter is that our play yards are out front, so when we’re open, our adopters can come in and see them interacting. It just really advertises our pets more."

Steele brings across a strong emphasis on the importance of volunteers in animal shelters, especially during their distinct and different daily events.

"It’s really just getting our volunteers to come out," Steele said. "Interact with our dogs and really get them in this nice hot weather to cool off in our pools and all, here in our play yards."

Along with adopting animals, Harris County Pets also says to bring them in.


"We always encourage fosters. Our foster program is really important to us, because even if it’s not a long-term home and if you’re not able to adopt, coming in and getting the pet out into the home while we try to find it a permanent home is very helpful to us."

Currently, Harris County Pets is having free adoptions for the rest of the month of July.

"All you have to do is come into the shelter," Steele said. "You can visit our pets- walk around. Our adoption counselors can really help advertise. They know the pets that are here, kind of ask what fits your need, and then find that pet for you."