Bond set for 2 charged in connection to alleged road rage shooting caught on video

Booking photos of Nazly Ortiz & Benjamin Greene.

Bond was set on Thursday for man and a woman charged in connection to an alleged road rage shooting caught on camera.

Nazly Ortiz and Benjamin Greene are both charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

A judge set Ortiz’s bond at $300,000 and Greene’s bond at $150,000.

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Because they had no prior convictions and were not out on bond at the time, the judge stated he was required by law to set a bond.

"The community wants them held at zero bond, but yet the legislature gives me no vehicle to hold them at zero bond," Judge Danilo Lacayo said during a bond hearing for Greene.

Greene and Ortiz were arrested Tuesday. The sheriff’s office said Greene and Ortiz were in a pickup truck traveling north on I-45 near FM 1960 when they were involved in a road rage incident with a man in a car.

According to allegations read in court, the driver of a car said Greene was following him very closely, so he break-checked him.

Authorities say the car driver, who had a two-year-old baby in his vehicle, exited the interstate at Parramatta and the suspects in the pickup truck followed.

The man in the car reportedly parked in a far right lane, and Greene parked his pickup truck in front of him, according to the allegations. Greene allegedly then got out of the truck and approached the driver of the car.

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According to the allegations read in court, the driver of the car said he had to push Greene back away from him, and Greene allegedly put the car driver in a headlock and punched him multiple times in the shoulder.

A bystander captured part of the altercation on video as the car drives away. The sheriff’s office says the man with the baby in the car drove away and Ortiz fired into the backseat passenger window. She wildly fired a second shot as he continued to drive, the sheriff’s office said.

Ortiz reportedly said she fired the gun because she was afraid Greene was going to be run over, according to the allegations read in court.

The attorney for Greene claims the video shows Greene trying to get the gun away from Ortiz and trying to get her to get back into the vehicle. His attorney also said Greene called authorities, turned himself in, and gave a statement about what happened.

The driver of the car was treated at the hospital for a graze wound. The baby was not injured.