Harris County road rage: Man gets spray painted in face, car window broken

White spray paint was the weapon of choice after a road rage incident in Harris County on Friday.

According to Constable Mark Herman, deputies received reports of a road rage incident in the 24000 block of Kuykendahl Road.

The person who called to complain said they were traveling northbound on the road and the driver in front of them was distracted on their phone and failed to stay in a single lane.

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At a red light, the distracted driver, David Winston, failed to go through the light when it turned green, so the other driver honked their horn.

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David Winston (Photos courtesy of Harris County Constable Mark Herman, Precinct 4)

Constable Herman says Winston then began to throw objects at the other person's car. When they both came to a stop an altercation occurred and Winston spray-painted the person's car and face, and broke their back window.


Before officials arrived, the other person also spray-painted Winston's face.

Winston was arrested and charged with Felony Criminal Mischief with a bond set at $1,500. He is currently in Harris County Jail.