Harris County kidnapping charges: 2 suspects arrested

A man and a woman in Harris County are accused of kidnapping an 18-year-old woman who reported being held against her will for about a month before she was able to escape, authorities say.

According to the Harris County Pct. 4 Constable’s Office, Jose Reyes Jr., 31, and Jacueline Macias, 29, have been arrested and charged with kidnapping.


Photos: Harris County Precinct 4 Constables Office

The investigation began when the constable’s office responded to a report of a woman in distress running from house to house in the 6900 block of Foxmont Lane on Sunday night.

Based on the preliminary investigation, the constable says the 18-year-old reported that she met the man somewhere, he convinced her to go to the house, and when she got there another woman was there. 

"The whole script flipped almost immediately, and she was immediately held captive, tied up, and held in a room for approximately 30 days. We don’t know the exact amount of days but close to 30 days or maybe more than that," Constable Herman explains.  

The 18-year-old reported that she had been held against her will in a home nearby for about a month before she was able to get away.

"After they basically started holding her against her will they began sexually assaulting her and other things and just a very, very evil thing," he continued."

Constable Herman said the 18-year-old realized the man and the other woman had left the house on Sunday, and she took that chance to break out of her restraints and run to a neighboring house for help.

"I could only see her arms together, and she showed me," neighbor Ramone Garcia explains while holding his arms together demonstrating how the teen’s arms were bound. "She opened her mouth, but I didn’t understand. She looked scared. She showed me her arms."

"It’s very scary because my daughter is 18 and wants to go out and do stuff with her friends, and I’m the one to tell her everything that’s out there because it’s getting crazy," says Humble resident Edward Rodriguez.   

Constable Herman says deputies saw marks on her hands and legs that would indicate restraints. EMS responded to the scene and transported her to the hospital for evaluation.

The constable says a man and a woman soon returned to the house, and they were immediately arrested. He says they have only been charged with kidnapping at this time, but more charges are possible.

Investigators are still working to determine exactly what happened and speak more with the 18-year-old woman.