Harris County inmate captured after breaking free during courthouse fiasco

An inmate who escaped custody at the Harris County Courthouse on Tuesday has been captured by law enforcement authorities. 

Michael Devon Combs, 32, facing charges related to domestic violence, managed to break free from his ankle shackle and escape the courtroom while deputies responded to a fight in another part of the courthouse.

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Major Lynette Anderson of the Harris County Sheriff's Office provided details on the capture, stating that Combs had his bond revoked during the court appearance for a 2022 domestic assault case. After being taken back into custody on Tuesday, Combs was placed in shackles and seated on a bench. 


Following a thorough investigation into the escape, authorities mobilized a Task Force, along with other entities, to locate and apprehend Combs.  Combs was successfully taken back into custody.

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Combs, who had a history of domestic violence charges, will now face an additional felony escape charge.