Harris County forming special task forces to deal with spike in crime

The pain is just as hard today as it was two years ago for Houstonian and Third Ward resident Addis Johannes.

"I lost my son a couple of years ago for a nonsense crime," says Johannes.

It was back in 2015 when Johannes' 20-year-old son Noah was shot and killed.  He says two people pulled a gun on him in an attempt to steal this black Lexus near OST. 

"It's a pinful process for our community and it's unfortunate that people have no value for life and much needs to be done from the leadership," says Johannes.

That's why the father is applauding Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg's move to create multiple task forces to address crime in our community.  She revealed the plan Friday on the Isiah Factor Uncensored.

"Houston is right now is kind of a scary place and it's time all of us in law enforcement leaders are working towards the same end going after the violent criminals," says Ogg.

Ogg said the recent rash of crimes in Houston in February, from a young girl being killed to two law enforcement officers being shot by burglars, sent up a read flag.

She says that's why it's important all law enforcement agencies step up to the plate with a plan.

"We're forming a big task force directed at burglaries and robberies...we're going after serious criminals and that's where our officers are needed," says Ogg.

A check with HPD shows while things appear to be worse crime-wise in Houston, we've actually seen a drop. The only numbers available now are January 2016 versus January 2017. Last year there were 1488 burglaries while this year there were 1380--a 7.3 percent drop.

But any crime is too much for those who have a paid the ultimate price.

"It's a much needed focus from the city and the leadership to stop the gun violence." says Johannes.

HPD and the Harris County Sheriff's Office confirm they're all working on tasks forces.