Harris County DA race: ACLU of Texas holds forum to hear from Kim Ogg, opponent Sean Teare

On Thursday, the ACLU of Texas held a forum for the upcoming Harris County District Attorney election.

Current Harris County DA Kim Ogg addressed the audience saying, "I'm Kim Ogg, your elected District Attorney. I've served in the role for seven years."

Ogg hopes to win her third term as DA for the third-largest county in the country.

"I'm Sean Teare, I'm a native Houstonian, husband, a father of four, and I spent 11 years in the DA's office," he told the crowd.

Teare hopes to take his old boss's spot as the most powerful law enforcement official in Harris County.

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The biggest takeaway from the forum is that the two seem to agree on most issues that they were asked about, like seeking the death penalty.

"In this instance, I will almost completely agree with my opponent," Teare said. 

They also agree on decriminalizing marijuana possession.

"I think personally, it's ridiculous that it's still criminal and I will advocate for its legalization," said Teare.

Ogg answered the decriminalizing marijuana question in one word. "Yes," she said.

One of their biggest disagreements was the intake section which decides if criminal charges are filed.

"We are going to scrap the way we are doing it right now," said Teare. "We are going to bring back prosecutors, who will have to handle the case if they take it."

Our lawyers never did make the ultimate decision on the case as it stands 24 to 48 hours later. It is good in the eyes of the magistrate making the decision. They always have the final say," Ogg said.


The candidates were asked about treating drug misuse as a public health issue and not a crime.

"I watched my mother go from an alcohol addiction to a heroin addiction and arrest at 15. I helped bail her out of the Harris County Jail," Teare said.

"The drug policies we have now would have greatly benefited someone like your mom," said Ogg.