Harris County constables safely remove snake from baby's room

You'll never guess what one family found underneath their baby's bassinet Thursday morning. A snake was under their baby's bed.

So what did they do next?

What would you do if you went to your baby's room and a snake was in your house, curled up, greeting you underneath the baby's bed?

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A grandmother in Northwest Harris County did, what else, but call law enforcement and Precinct 4 Deputy Constables rushed right out to help.

Just wait until you see the size of this thing.

After the slithery creature made its way into the house, a fellow, very brave grandmother in the neighborhood also awoke to the woman knocking at her door.

(Photo: Precinct 4 Constable's Office)

"And she was just 'help I need help'. I thought something was wrong. I thought it was something bad," explains neighbor Ella Washington, and she adds, "She said it's a snake in the house under the baby's bed. So, I grab a garbage bag and a net. When I got over there, the constables showed up. They went in there and took the baby out of the playpen and then moved the playpen and the little snake was under the playpen. The constable put it in the bag. So, he gave me the bag. I said OK, I'll go throw it in the trash, and he was moving. (You just put a live "s-word", I can't even say the word. You put it in your garbage can in the garage?) But I tied the bag up. He couldn't do anything."

So, is this novel creature catcher concerned this baby snake may have a mom and dad nearby?


"Uh huh, I've seen one before. They're little garter snakes.  You see the size of it. That's something you could have stepped on," Washington says.

OK, so, this five-inch "monster" may not be massive, but the sight of any size snake inside someone's home is enough to send some into hysterics.

Garter snakes are not considered venomous, but they do produce potentially toxic saliva. A bite from a garter snake is thought to be harmless because they don't have fangs to properly inject the secretions. Although large amounts can seep into victims if there are prolonged bites.