Harris County authorities investigate shooting involving driver of a wrecker, according to reports

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Harris County Sheriff's Office is asking the public to help identify a shooter who shot a man in the face and took off in his truck. 

Broken glass on the floor of this Walgreens parking lot on FM 529 at Queenston is all that remains of the violent crime that took place earlier this afternoon. The victim was part of a car pool, and drove into the parking lot to drop off his co-workers. It was while those men were getting into another vehicle, when a third vehicle pulled up to the victim's car.

The incident happened at 3:27 p.m. on Friday in the 17100 block of FM 529 in northwest Harris County. A Hispanic male and his friends exited the vehicle in the Walgreens parking lot. They remained there for several minutes, at which point another vehicle pulled up and shot the male in the lower jaw and fled in a black tow truck.

"Came over to the driver side here where the male was sitting, had a few words," said Thomas Gilliland, Senior Deputy with Harris County Sheriff's Office. "There was no yelling, pulled a pistol from his back pocket, and then shot one time, got back into the vehicle and drove off."

The co-workers-turned-witnesses called 911. The victim, a Hispanic male in his 20s, was shot in the lower jaw while sitting inside his gold colored Honda. He was transported via LifeFlight to Memorial Hermann Hospital. We're told the man is in critical but stable condition.

"Whether it was a road rage, whether it was a previous altercation, we probably really won't know anything along those lines until we find this person that was in the truck," said Gilliland.

The description of the shooter and vehicle have been vague. Deputies are looking for a white male wearing a light colored shirt, and dark pants. Driving a dark colored tow truck. One wrecker company was questioned, but was cleared by authorities.

"The images that they showed of the truck, it is a company that works out in this area. They have an American flag on the side of their truck, my truck has a checkered flag, so they look similar but it's a different type of truck you could tell just from the image of the profile," said Anas Alqadi, with a local tow truck company.

"Road rage situations, and things along these lines can be preventable. You know we put out tips, we give people advice, you know. You're trying to get to where you're going, just drive. If someone tries to start an altercation, look the other way come up pull off, call 911 that's what we are here for," Gilliland says.


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