Gun violence involving teens on the rise, local teen led group fighting back

Katherine Chen, a teen organizer with March For Our Lives Houston tells FOX 26, conversation about gun violence is now commonplace. 

Gun violence is increasing across the United States. In Houston, within the past two weeks, two 17-year-olds were shot at, one passed away the other is expected to survive. 

And just last week, the shocking death of 16-year-old Diamond Alvarez, who police say was shot 22 times by her boyfriend, who is now out on bond. 

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"I would say as a teen, we are really affected by gun violence, it’s commonplace now," said Chen. "I don’t think that’s because we don’t understand how dangerous a gun can be. I think it’s because they’re kind of easy to access."

According to ‘Everytown,’ a gun safety organization: "Firearms are the leading cause of death for children and teens (ages 1 to 19) in the United States. Every year, 18,000 children and teens are shot and killed or wounded."


For Valerie Jackson, a clinical psychologist and founder of The Adolescent Center, believes gun violence is a symptom and the root of the problem goes much deeper. 

"Gun violence is the result of the inability to effectively cope with anger, depression, or high levels of stress," said Valerie Jackson, PhD. "What helps young people are to have healthy coping skills and the right amount of social support."

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