Gun puts Quail Valley Middle School on lockdown

Parent of students attending Quail Valley middle school now know why a lockdown was put in place at the school this afternoon.

We've obtained this letter sent by the principal at Quail Valley Middle School to parents, describing an alarming discovery today by a teacher and detailing how the school handled the protection of the thousands of students inside.

According to the letter, which was quite candid,  a teacher in a specialized classroom discovered a student with a handgun, which they say was confiscated without issue. The teacher then discovered a second unloaded handgun and gun case in a nearby cabinet. That cabinet had been donated to the school, and the donors had believed it to be empty.

A lockdown was put in place to ensure the situation was contained to that individual classroom. The school says no students were aware of the incident as it occurred.

One parent we spoke with feels the school did an excellent job handling the incident.

The principal says in the letter that they will be reviewing the procedures by which they except donations for campus use, and emphasize the safety of students is always there first priority. The district is grateful to the staff who responded quickly and calmly.