Grieving mother speaks on the importance of organ donation

Organ donation is literally a gift of life, and one Valley mother perhaps understands that better than many others, even though her daughter recently passed away.

On Wednesday, Jordan Drake's mother honored her daughter's memory, at the Arizona State Capitol in Downtown Phoenix. Drake was the recipient of a donor heart, and lived for three more years, as a result of that life-saving gift.

A picture that showed Jordan's donor mother hearing hear son's heart beating inside Jordan's chest went viral four years ago. In February, Jordan's body began rejecting the heart.

She passed away on March 12.

Jordan's mother, Esther Gonzalez, may be grieving, but she spoke about the importance of organ donation Wednesday.

"When Jordan got her transplant, it was 2013," said Gonzalez. "We got three years with her. I was blessed in those three years, we got to see her spend birthdays, Christmases, go on Make A Wish trips to Disneyland to meet her favorite princess."

On Wednesday, the Donate Life event at the Capitol drew hundreds of people who, like Gonzalez, have been touched by organ donation. Gonzalez encouraged donation at the event.

"When you donate, you give life and you create memories with those families," said Gonzalez.

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