Gov. Greg Abbott speaks on job growth, immigration at Port Houston

As the race for Texas Governor continues, incumbent Greg Abbott held a roundtable on the state's economy Tuesday. 

The Republican Governor spoke on job growth with the Port Houston Chairman and other industry leaders. Abbott says the port's traffic has gone up 24% this year - with an overall economic value of $800 billion. 

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He also spoke on energy opportunities - urging the Biden administration to loosen regulations to prevent further inflation. 

"The Biden administration is seeking to impose EPA-based regulations in the Permian Basin," says Abbott. "It could lead to one or two things. It could lead to a reduction in production, or it could lead to an increased cost of that production. Either way, it's going to lead to increased inflation of what you will be paying at the price of the pump." 

While the emphasis on Tuesday's roundtable was the economy, Abbott did not shy away from talking about immigration - one of the lead topics in the election. 

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He says he's still waiting for the President to visit the Texas-Mexico Border amid the immigration crisis. 

According to the latest Quinnipiac University Poll (Sept. 28), Abbott leads his opponent, Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke 53% - 46%.