Good Samaritan saves Missouri City woman from burning car

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Even though she went to a Catholic high school and was raised in a religious family, St. Agnes grad Kathryn Grant had stopped considering herself particularly pious.

"I did kind of fall off it when I went to college. I had a lot going on," Grant said.

That changed last Monday as she was driving up US-59 to pick up her mother from work. She hit a mattress and kept driving, not knowing it was stuck under the car.

"A man pulled in front of me and stopped his car. I was so confused. Why was the man stopping his car?"

The mattress had caught fire. She got  out and seconds later the car exploded.

"Literally blew up. It was crazy. It's hard to explain because. I've never seen anything g like that, " Grant said.

When her mom saw the cell phone video of the incident, well, how do you think she reacted?

"It was horrible experience knowing my daughter could've been gone. It's just, nothing I've ever experienced ever," said Ariann McCoy with tears welling up in her eyes.

That good Samaritan was Messi Seddiqy, and he's more casual about the whole thing.

"Not a big deal for me because I've been in the wars. I've seen explosions. I was in a truck one time and it blew up. So it's no big deal for me. It was a big deal for the lady driving. She was a new driver," Seddigy said.

Seddiqy is from Afghanistan and was an working with the US military as an interpreter. The US government gave him a visa to come here as a thank you. Nobody is more grateful for that than Kathryn and her mom.

"An amazing guardian angel is what I can say," said Kathryn.