Gentrification in Houston?

It's a trend we have seen all over Houston as of late. Some homes falling apart while next door there is a shiny new half-million house or condo.

White flight from the inner city is over. Our brothers and sisters from the burbs are back in the city with a vengeance, and they’re calling it “gentrification”. The word is officially defined as the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class tastes.

A new study by RentCafe says zip code 77003 is one of the fastest gentrified areas in America. That’s the area near Settegast Park where you will see with your own eyes, gentrification in action.

On the Factor to talk about gentrification are Fourth Ward activist Gladys House, environmental activist Katy Buford Daniels, and real estate agents Katie Kossev and Veso Kossev.