Gang member sentenced to 25 years for murder over $40

Harris County District Attorney, Kim Ogg, has announced the sentence for documented Gangster Disciples member, Terrence Thomas, 24. 

Thomas is charged with the 2020 murder of 23-year-old Jaquan Thompson.

Courtesy of Harris County DA's Office

"Gang members terrorize communities and work together to commit more crimes," Ogg said. "When a gang member uses a gun to commit a horrific and random act of violence like this, it is imperative that we get justice for the victim, their family and the community."

According to court documents, Thompson, the victim, knew Thomas and approached him as he sat in his car near a motel off the North Freeway between FM 1960 and Richey Road. 

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Thompson was with a woman who said Thomas had stolen about $40 from her boarding room and the pair confronted Thomas about the $40. An argument broke out about whether he took the money.

The demand to give the money back escalated the verbal fight, prompting Thomas to get out his car and shoot the victim nine times, killing him.

Assistant District Attorney Renee Serrato, who handled the case with chief prosecutor Alycia Harvey, said Thomas proudly admitted to Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigators that he had been a member of the Gangster Disciples for at least 10 years. He joined the gang because a family member had gotten him in, and said he met other gang members while selling drugs.

"This was a stupid, senseless murder that happened over practically nothing," Serrato said. "You can’t even say it was greed because it was over 40 bucks. It was a severe overreaction to nothing."

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After Thomas was arrested for the murder, he was released on bond. While free on bond, he was arrested for possession of cocaine and again released on bond. 

Courtesy of Harris County DA's Office

In November 2021, he beat up a stranger at a laundromat and even tried to run over the victim as he fled. He was later charged with assault in the incident. Days later, he was caught with a gun and arrested on a charge of felon in possession of a firearm. He was then held without bond.

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Instead of going through a full-blown trial in front of a jury this week, Thomas chose to plead guilty on the eve of trial and asked the judge to determine his sentence.