Galveston police investigate nightclub shooting

Galveston Police continue to investigate a nightclub shooting at La Playa club on Strand Street early Monday morning.

Police say when they arrived, the doors to the nightclub were locked and people were inside. They thought the shooter might be, too, but once they got inside they found no suspect, just a crime scene with a man who had been shot.

“Real calm place. You know we really never have nothing bad here happening in Galveston,” said Jesse Lynch, a Galveston resident who lives a block away from La Playa.

Police say the shooting at 1828 Strand Street was not tied to any sort of Mardi Gras party, but drinking was likely involved.

“A lot of alcohol in there and people make some poor decisions and unfortunately that sometimes can lead to violence and this is the outcome of that,” said Captain Joshua Schirard with the Galveston Police Department.

Police arrived shortly after a 911 call at 3:15 a.m. They found the shooting victim, who was coherent, but after learning people were still inside of the club, a SWAT team was called in. 

While police are not releasing identities, a man who says he’s the victim’s father said his son, 19-year-old Logan Jackson, was working security at the nightclub when he got shot.

“He was telling me he had been shot in the side after an attempted robbery and he had walked to these apartments right here and banged on someone’s door and they let him use the phone,” said Damon Jackson, the victim’s father.

People who live in the area say the building at 1828 Strand Street changes owners and, of course, names often. It was once a steakhouse that Lynch visited.

“There’s never nothing too rowdy going on outside. Maybe a couple of people outside having a cigarette,” said Lynch.

Galveston Police have not confirmed if this was, in fact, a robbery. All they’re saying is that they have a pretty good idea as to who the suspect may be and they’re waiting to secure an arrest warrant.

“Peaceful resolutions are always better off when the suspect comes in and turns themselves in, gives their side of the story. There’s always two sides to a story so we want that side as well,” said Capt. Shirard.

If you do have any information on this case, you can call Galveston Police at 409-765-3702 or make an anonymous tip with Crimestoppers at 409-763-TIPS.