Funeral services held for homeless Vietnam veteran

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A homeless Vietnam veteran who died from his injuries after he was struck by a car was remembered Thursday with military honors in Griffin.

Seventy-year-old Thomas Cummings, a 1966 graduate of Griffin High School, died on April 10 at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta after a car struck him in the middle of the night in Spalding County.

Haisten McCullough Funeral Home in Griffin was able to verify Cummings’ military record.

Funeral services for the Vietnam vet took place at Oak Hill Cemetery in Griffin.

With him having no living family, a number of veterans from across Georgia attended the service to honor his life and military service.

The veteran turnout touched Cliff Thomas of Haisten McCullough.

“Everybody has lived and they deserve to be remembered,” Thomas told FOX 5’s Kerry Charles. “That’s what’s important. You don’t live to be 100 or you don’t live to be 20 without having something in your life that you deserve to be remembered for. And I think that’s what’s most important.”

The Spalding County Coroner says Cummings' death is the result of an accident. He says investigators did not charge the driver.