Funeral service held for Houston City Councilman Larry Green

You have to be someone pretty special for May Young to do this, to decorate the sign to the neighborhood in your honor the day of your funeral.

"Larry loved to dress well and he loved bow ties. He loved them, so we had to make sure we got the bow tie, yeah. And green," Young said.

Young says it's the least she could do. After all, her daughter and Larry Green grew up together. He was a kid from the block before he was the council member for District K. The kid who went to Madison High School grew to be a fraternity brother at UH's Alpha Phi Alpha. His fraternity brother knew Larry was headed for big things. 

"We talk about legacies that were cut short. We talk about people like John Kennedy or Bobby Kennedy or Martin Luther King. He was of that zeal. He was at the age of 52 when he was taken away from us. It's unfortunate that he left us so early in life," said Harry Johnson.

Larry left us last Tuesday, when they found him dead in his townhome. Left us with so much left to do. But it was what he did do that brought so many here to the church. So many of the city's movers and shakers came to swap stories and laughs.

While many said he would've loved all the hoopla, Mayor Sylvester Turner said it was about more than just that for Green.

"Didn't care what you looked like. Didn't care what your orientation was. He wanted to make a positive difference," Mayor Turner said.

It's nice to have all those accolades from famous and powerful people. It is, don't get me wrong. He earned them all. But the true mark of a politician is what those who trusted in him and voted for him thought, people like May Young out decorating that sign on the day of the funeral.