Ft. Bend community of Booth bracing for historic flood

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Along FM 2759 folks in Booth say they've never seen the Brazos spill over this hard onto their piece of Ft. Bend County.

"I thought we weren't vulnerable but that's what I get for thinking," said resident Bruce Roland.

In fact, Roland says at noon his auto repair business was still high and dry. The situation has since changed dramatically and he's getting out while the getting is good.

"Time to get out. Got all the cars put up, time to get out," said Roland.

A few yards down the road Riverpoint golf course has been engulfed, 18 holes of solid water hazard.
With the Brazos eight feet above flood stage residents figure more water is headed there way before the River relents.

"We're on insurance road and we're trying to figure out whether to move our horses or not," said  Heavy rain in the forecast had Troy Randle headed down to his Dad's place to plead with the 84 year old to pull out before high water strands him in place.

"You know when you get up in age and your home is your home and you don't want to leave, but you going to have to leave. If gets to a point we are going to have to get him out of there," said Andrea Randle, Troy's wife and a 23-year resident of Booth.

Jimmy Autrey packed his dogs and everything he could quickly salvage into the back of a pickup. Flood water, he figures, has taken the rest.

"It's gone. What can I do? It's one of those things you got to take in life. God give it to you and can take it back," said Autrey, who will wait out the flooding in Houston with relatives.