FOX 26 staff goes 'over the edge' of Woodlands Tower to support camp for all

If you were in The Woodlands Saturday and noticed people climbing down the side of the Woodlands Tower, you weren’t seeing things.

From 8 a.m. into the evening more than 40-people rappelled off the side of the 31-story building, and it was all for charity.  

Camp for all provides an inclusive camping experience for children and adults with various disabilities; it caters to their needs while also evening the playing field, making sure they get the same camp experience as everyone else. 

Ricki Hendrix, special events manager at camp for all says there’s a good reason that this fundraiser pushes people to their limits. 

"Our campers face challenges every day, so we thought this was a great idea for our donors to be able to face some similar challenges," Hendrix said. 

Each person who rappelled had to raise $1,500 in order to participate, the goal for camp for all was to raise a total of $150,000, and they exceeded that number. 

"We are at nearly $160,000, but people can keep giving," said Hendrix. 

And thanks to everyone who donated and who climbed down a 31-story building, those with illnesses and special needs will be able to attend camp for all pro bono. 

If you'd like to make a donation or would like more information about the camp for all you can follow this link Barrier-Free Camp for Special Needs Individuals (