FOX 26 News finds 4th parolee in 2 years charged in murder

Khari Ty Kendrick, 23, is the fourth parolee in just the last two years that would later be charged in someone's death soon after they were freed.

“Which begs the million-dollar question, how many others are out there?,” asked Mayor’s Crime Victims Office advocate Andy Kahan.

In 2013, Kendrick got his first big break after pleading guilty to a felony charge of engaging in organized criminal activity. He was sentenced to deferred adjudication, a form of probation that when done successfully, would mean Kendrick would have no final conviction.

“Which in less than a year, he violated his probation with not one but two felony convictions," said Kahan.

In 2014, Kendrick pleaded guilty to burglary.

“You had a total of 60 years in sentences handed down,” added Kahan. Those sentences would run concurrently, meaning Kendrick was supposed to spend 30 years in prison. But just two months ago, he was paroled. He only served one tenth of his sentence.

“He kept sending signals that he was not going to be a productive member of society,” said Kahan.

In the last two years, FOX 26 News has shared the stories of parolees Kiara Taylor, Leroy Stoots and Michel Sussberry.

They all went on to be charged in the killing of others after parole board members allowed them to remain free even though they committed crimes while on parole.

If the parole board would have made Kendrick serve just one fourth of his sentence, he would be charged with capital murder in the shooting deaths of Bao and Jenny Lam.

“I think anyone with half a brain can easily speculate none of this would have happened,” said Kahan.

FOX 26 asked a parole board spokesman why Kendrick was released after serving just one tenth of his sentence and how many others have been paroled after serving just that amount of time. He told FOX 26 he would get back with the answers. FOX 26 is waiting for that response.